NJ Taxpayers Ignored Again by Career Politicians on State Budget

NJ Taxpayers Ignored Again by Career Politicians on State Budget


It’s frustrating to watch career politicians high-five each other over the state budget plan moved by the Legislature yesterday.

New Jersey taxpayers are not celebrating.

It’s clear the Democrat push for the largest state spending plan in New Jersey history — a mammoth $38.7 Billion budget  — is getting shoved through no matter how we get taxed for it, and they are doing it with the help of some Republican leaders.

Once again, Trenton is ignoring the deep concerns of New Jersey families and businesses about rising taxes, the mounting cost of living and endless government spending.

Trenton needs to understand the taxpayers are not stupid.

We fully grasp the political gamesmanship at play right now.

We firmly understand the Legislature’s approval yesterday of an alternative spending plan was a repudiation of Governor Murphy’s far-left policies. But they didn’t act because the policies are wrongheaded and simply bad policy. They did it because of political gamesmanship within the Democrat party — and they were aided, sadly, by Republican leaders.

Yes, it’s nice that the Legislature’s alternative budget eliminates Murphy’s ill-advised millionaire tax and oppressive fee hikes for lawful gun owners.

But you folks in Trenton are so deeply involved in your political battles you are missing the obvious problem here.

The Legislature’s alternative budget is still at $38.7 Billion, the same insane spending level Governor Murphy proposed when he introduced his own budget plan earlier this year. So, Governor Murphy and the Legislature have now increased state spending by $4 Billion since he got into office 18 months ago.

Both budgets will be funded by continuing the multiple oppressive tax hikes imposed on everyone last year, and neither budget includes any meaningful, responsible reform of the state pension and benefits system — which is desperately needed to stabilize New Jersey finances.

There is nothing to celebrate here for New Jersey families and business owners.

We refuse to adopt this hair-splitting standard by which politicians measure success in making New Jersey more affordable.

For businesses that close and families that are forced to move, this isn’t a game.

We need change.

Big change and we need it fast.

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