Call Governor Murphy and Tell Him No New Taxes!



Governor Murphy – 609-292-6000

Short Hills, NJ – Rosemary Becchi, President of Jersey First, today released the following statement regarding Governor Murphy’s proposed $1.7 billion tax increase.

“If the debate in Trenton does not take a dramatic shift away from whether to raise taxes by Governor Murphy’s proposed $1.7 billion or the Democrat-led Legislatures proposal of raising taxes by $1 billion – the people of New Jersey have already lost,” said Becchi.

Becchi continued, “New Jersey does not have a revenue problem, it has a spending problem.  Raising taxes on hard working New Jerseyans so you can simply spend more is not the solution.  To date, Governor Murphy has proposed a $37.4 Billion budget that contains record state spending and a hefty $1.7 billion tax increase that includes:

  • Sales Tax Increase up to 7% and expanded to include Uber and Lyft;
  • Millionaires Tax;
  • $800 Million increase in Income Tax;

Governor Murphy’s budget goes off the deep end in the wrong direction.  We need a true debate over how to fix our economic issues.  It won’t be easy, but it can be done.  Indiana, as an example, took six years over two administrations to gradually reduce both their state corporate tax rate and personal income tax rate.  Today, Indiana’s tax rates are near the lowest in the country.

Some may say, well we aren’t Indiana.  You’re right.  We are New Jersey, and right now you can find many more conversations about families, students and businesses leaving the Garden State for greener pastures than you will find those excited to be coming in,” said Becchi.

Becchi closed with a call to action for all New Jerseyans, “I have said this before, New Jersey can do better.  We can do much better.  I encourage New Jersey residents to make your voice heard!  Call Governor Murphy today and tell him, ‘NO NEW TAXES!’  Governor Murphy’s phone number is 609-292-6000.  We simply cannot afford more state spending and $1.7 billion in new taxes!”


Rosemary Becchi is a leading tax lawyer who was formerly counsel to the majority staff of the U.S. Senate Finance Committee. Becchi helped author the 529 College Savings Plan. She is currently a partner with McGuireWoods LLP.

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