“We can do better.  We can do much better.  Let’s take the shackles off of New Jersey families, businesses, and our economy and get to work in implementing policies that will lower our taxes, create jobs, and attract new business. Let’s make New Jersey the beacon of opportunity we all know it can and should be.”

Rosemary Becchi


Jersey First was started for the express purpose of standing up for all New Jerseyans who work hard and play by the rules but have had enough of being grossly over-taxed and regulated by their government.  For way too long, inaction and in some instances just bad economic policies have raised taxes and ultimately driven families and businesses out of New Jersey.

Our goal is to identify, educate and advocate for center/right economic policies specific to New Jersey that will both engage New Jersey residents in a transparent and detailed discussion on potential solutions to key issues as well as allow for targeted political activities that will benefit candidates who support making New Jersey affordable to live and work in again.